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Save / Print : No need for notepads or USB memory sticks!

One-touch operation

Simple-designed contorol panel allows you to operate intuitively.

Network image

Network function – no hard drive necessary!

The board is accessible via a web browser - no need for a USB memory stick or computer to save the information. You can now simply view your information over a network.

Network image

Direct computer connection

With a USB cable connection, save your information straight to your computer. No special software is needed, the board is compatible with all operating systems, and only one page of data is saved for added security. When you remove the USB cable, your data will be automatically erased from the board's memory.

COmputer connection image

Front-facing USB port

Front facing USB Port

The USB port is front-facing making it easy to insert your USB memory stick. At a glance you can see which way to insert the USB memory stick. A 1GB USB memory stick will hold around 4800 pages.

  • *Capacity of USB flash memory corresponds to 32GB or less is recommended. exFAT and NTFS formats are not compatible.

3 file formats

3file formats

Save in PNG, JPEG or PDF formats. View the file on your computer, attach it to an email or paste it into a document.

Security function

Security function

Configure the security settings in the browser. You can disable the ability to save information to a USB memory stick as well as to a computer.

Print from the network printer

Security function

You can print directly from the FTP supported printer connected to the network.

Consecutive print and save

Security function

You can print or save multiple writing panels consecutively.

Thumbnail printing function

You can print multiple writing panels on a single page.

  • *The thumbnail printing function is for printing only.
Security function

Detailed print format settings

The browser enables easy configuration of settings such as paper size and date and even allows you to add a header or footer.

* This can also be done using the control panel if the board is not connected to a network.

Disable color printing

Disable color printeing

You can disable color printing mode if black and white only is preferred.

No special software

The board is accessible via a web browser and all board settings (file format, date settings, resolution etc.) and security settings can be configured in a browser on your computer. You don't need to install special software. The board is compatible with all operating systems.

* The settings can also be changed using the board's control panel.

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