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Clean, Green, Sustainable

Did you get the memo?

PLUS has created a new way to memo! The Clean Writing Pad Kaite is rewritable memo board with a silky- smooth writing surface. Thanks to its proprietary magnetic technology, the Kaite Pad also offers full or partia l erasing capabilities. It is an environmentally friendly solution that can be used again and again!

Environmentally Friendly with No Running Cost

The Clean Writing Pad Kaite is an environmentally friendly and economical tool, as it does not consume items like paper, ink or batteries.

Clean and Dust-Free Surface

Because no ink or lead is used, no dust, smudges or eraser residue is produced. You can feel comfortable using the pad in a home, office, hospital, restaurant, or anywhere where cleanliness is a priority.

Great for :

Unleash your creativity with a Clean Writing Pad Kaite. You no longer have to worry about wasting supplies… Simply write, erase, repeat!


  • -Sketch Ideas
  • -Organize Thoughts
  • -List To-Do’s
  • -Draw Charts
Write Memos image


  • -Write Memos
  • -Leave Messages
Create Sketches


  • -Create Sketches
  • -Practice Calculations

Natural Writing Feel

The unique Magnetic“Pencil”is designed to
deliver a silky smooth, natural writing feel.

Magnetic “Pencil”

Double sided pencil offers two line widths.

Double sided pencil

Like a Pencil


To write clearly with the pencil, the magnetic tip needs to be placed properly onto to the writing surface.
An ”angled-tip design” eases the pencil positioning and facilitates the writing process.

Kaite image

PLUS Original Technology elevated the “Magnetic Sheet “ to the level of a Paper-like experience.

High precision “Magnetic Sheet"

Micro Capsule image

Iron particles contained in tiny micro capsules are attracted by the pencil’s magnetic tip, creating a clear and natural writing experience.

2-Way Erasing with Ease

Two types of Magnetic Erasers can be used to erase large or small areas on the pad.


Handheld Eraser

Handheld eraser clears the entire surface with ease.


Cap Eraser

The cap eraser can be used for spot erasing.

Paper-like design

A flat, 3mm thinness provides a paper-like experience. This compact design, along with the attachable eraser and pencil, allows the pad to be extremely portable.

Kaite image
Kaite Icon

Simply take a snap to save your notes!

Using the free Kaite APP,
written notes on the pad can be instantly saved in easy viewing image.

APP image
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