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Benefits of the Copyboard

Write : Wide or standard panel size, choose one whitch suit to your office meeting style!

Two board sizes

Choose the Wide model if you want extra room or the Standard model if you'd like something more compact. With two sizes, there's something to suit everybody's office or meeting style. (Both the N-21 and C-21 series.)

Wide model / Standard model

Smooth-sliding sheet

Smooth sliding sheet

Slide the sheet with your hand to make more room to write without interrupting your discussions.

Magnet-attachable surface

Magnet attachable surface

Use magnets to stick drawings and the like onto the board. (This is the first sheet-type Copyboard with this function.)

Magnet sheet (optional)

Magnet sheet

Need a timer or calculator? Stick it to the frame of the board! You can stick a magnetic sheet to the frame side, thereby customizing the board to suit your needs.

*Steel or magnet-attached items are available.

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