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Introducing the N-204
Benefits of the Copyboard

Installation and Settings[ Step2 ]

Setting the network mode to Public through CB Setup

Check that the copyboard's power is turned on (that "01" is displayed on the display window).

1.Switch to the CB Setup mode.

  • While pressing the ON/Standby button, press the Number of Copies button, then release the ON/Standby button. The display window switches to "F1" (indicating the CB Setup mode).

2.Switch the display to "FC" (network enabled mode).

  • Press the Number of Copies button several times to select "FC", then press the Save button to enter.
  • When entered, a dot lights up as confirmation.
  • If "FC" is not indicated in the Display Window, it is required to update firmware of your Copyboard from the below link;Update the Copyborad

Select "Public".

  • Press the Color Print or B/W Print button several times so that the USB status indicator is off and the Printer indicator is lit green, then press the Save button to enter.
  • When the Save button is pressed, the copyboard system automatically reboots and the LEDs on the display window rotate. The display turns off once the setting is completed.
  • When you switch to the public mode, the copyboard's network settings are set as shown below. Change them as necessary.
    IP address =
    Subnet mask =
  • To switch back to "Group", set so that USB status indicator is lit green and the Printer indicator is off. This completes the settings.
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