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Scan : Simple designed control panel.Achieved faster scan time, quieter operation and less power consumption.

One-touch operation

Simple-designed control panel allows you to operate intuitively.

Simple designed contorol panel

Quiet operation

Quiet oparation

The scan noise has been reduced from 50dB to 43dB. No more noisy scanning disrupting your discussion or train of thought.

*As a point of reference, a quiet office is 50dB and the average library is 40dB.

Faster scan time

35% faster

Color scanning now takes only 15 seconds - 35% faster than previous model.

Erase reminder function

You can set the Copyboard to scroll through the sheet when you turn it off - no more forgetting to erase.

* This feature is set to "off" as the factory default.

Save energy

Save energy image

Previous boards have used 40W during operation and 5W during stand-by. This series consumes only 12W during operation and 3W during stand-by instead. You won't find a more energy-efficient board than this!

* Measurement conditions: Used at three one-hour meetings per day. Two screens were scanned at each meetings. The standard "S" type was used.

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