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Benefits of the Copyboard

Network Flipchart N-20J Series

Easy to use and maintain

Easy to use

Just press Print to leave writings on the spot.

Easy to maintain

K-10 series employs thermal printer.
No need for changing ink cartridges.

Manual Operation

Smooth sliding sheet

Besides electrical operation, sheet can be manually operated to save time. This manual operation became possible thanks to smooth transport mechanism.

Magnet Attachable


Magnets can be attached to the board surface.

Environmentally Friendly

Save to a USB memory stic

Power consumption has been dramatically reduced than the previous BF-041 series.

Time / Day Print

Time / Day is printed automatically on the print outs.

Height-adjustable Stand

3-stage tilt adjustment

The board can be fixed at height of 1747 mm, 1847mm or 1947mm. Low position allows you to write while comfortably sitting on your seat.

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