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Benefits of the Copyboard

Write : Smooth-sliding sheet will never pause your train of thought.

Capture function

With the C-21 software you can combine the hand-written annotations by board marker and projected image, and save them in a single file.

Capture function

Less light reflection sheet

The sheet surface is designed to minimize projector glare, while maintaining writing performance.

Smooth-sliding sheet

Smooth sliding sheet

Slide the sheet with your hand to make more room to write without interrupting your discussions.

Magnet-attachable surface

Magnet  sheet

Use magnets to stick drawings and the like onto the board. (This is the first sheet-type Copyboard with this function.)

Magnet sheet (optional)

Magnet sheet

Need a timer or calculator? Stick it to the frame of the board! You can stick a magnetic sheet to the frame side, thereby customizing the board to suit your needs. *Steel or magnet-attached items are available.

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