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Privacy Policy

PLUS privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information

PLUS Corporation (PLUS) highly regards the privacy rights of customers who are using PLUS products and services, as well as, other viewers of this website.
PLUS also considers that the use of personal information and other related information must be based on the intentions of a customer.
PLUS will closely adhere to this policy when dealing with personal customer information submitted to this website. This information may include inquiries, requests for demonstration visits, requests for catalogs, customer registration, etc.
In the event the customer provides PLUS with personal information such as their name, address, telephone number, email address, etc., PLUS may use this information to answer any inquiries, meet any requirements, or provide information on new products and services.

1.About Personal Information

The PLUS website requests the following information
Contact name, company name, address, telephone and fax number.

2.Purpose of use of Personal Information

PLUS will only use personal information provided by customers for:
2-1. Necessary business purposes, such as performing our contractual responsibilities to customers.
2-2. Providing customer with useful information as newly developed and enhanced products and services become available.

3.Protection and management of Personal Information

Access to customer information shall be limited to those with proper authorization, and strict measures will be taken to prevent any improper usage.


The PLUS website may use technology called Cookies. Cookies are text files of user information that are stored through the browser and used to provide appropriate information to customers. Your browser provides the option to accept or refuse any Cookie, or to display a warning message when cookies are transmitted. Cookies are not meant to collect personal information.

5.Third Party Websites

This website may include links to third party websites. PLUS assumes no responsibility for the privacy policies of such links, nor the contents of these websites.

6.Privacy Policy is based on Protection of Personal Information Act

We shall observe the Protection of Personal Information Act and other relevant laws and regulations enacted by Japanese government.
Link to the privacy policy based on the Japanese Protection of Personal Information Act.

7.Changes in the Privacy Policy

PLUS may change this privacy policy without notice. Customers will be notified of any changes to the PLUS privacy policy on the website, and should check the latest contents periodically.

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