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Important notice to Windows 10 users


We thank you for continuing patronage of PLUS network boards.

It is confirmed that carrying out Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which Microsoft started providing since August 3, would cause irregular file save when a PC save via USB connection with our network board series products is activated. (PC save is a function that PC recognizes the network board as a removable memory device and that it saves image stored in the board in the PC.)

We are working expeditiously to rectify the issue. We regret that it may inconvenience our clients but we ask you to hold off the update until such remedy is available.

We will notify you just as soon as a fix is ready.

Models affected

M-17S, M-17W, M-18S, M-18W
N-20J, NF-20, N-20S, N-20W, N-204, C-20S, C-20W
N-31S, N-31W, N-314

Functions affected

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