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Meeting Products Business History

2011 Dec. Launched 4-Panel Copyboard N-204.
Unveiled Wireless Pointing and Marking Pad "UPIC CoCo".
Nov. Introduced stylish Copyboard F-20 with 3 color variations.
Launched Captureboard C-20.
Oct. Unveiled the world's thinnest and lightest Copyboard N-20 with network function.
2010 Oct. Launched Wireless Interactive Pad "UPIC Notepad".
2009 Dec. PLUS Vision Corp. merged with PLUS Corporation.
Jul. Unveiled the world's first Interactive Panel "UPIC", winning Good Design Award (Japan).
Jan. Released Copyboard M-12 with enhanced security functions.
2008 Jul. Launched Copyboard "Creative Panel CR-5".
2007 Apr. Introduced Captureboard C-11W.
Feb. Launched five-screens Copyboard M-115 with USB memory function.
2006 Aug. Introduced Copyboard M-11 with USB memory function.
Apr. PLUS Vision Corp. transferred the Digital Projector business to Kaga Components Co., Ltd.
Feb. Launched Copyboard BF-041 with PC connection as standard.
2005 Feb. Introduces U7 Series, the world's brightest projectors in 3kg or less class.
2003 Dec. Launched V3-131 Digital Projector, the world's thinnest at 35mm.
Nov. Unveiled U5 Series Digital Projectors, featuring a high brightness in an compact body weighing about 2 kg.
Feb. Launched U4 Series Digital Projectors, the world's brightest projectors in 1.5-kg class.
PLUS Vision Corp. received ISO14001 Environmental Certification.
Jan. Unveiled M-10 Copyboards, the world's first plain-paper copyboards with memory card function.
2002 Oct. PLUS Vision Corp. merged PLUS Industrial Corporation.
Jun. Introduced U3-W Series Digital Projectors, which feature a switch to the brighter display mode and other new functions for extended uses.
2001 Oct. Unveiled V-1080 and V-807 Digital Projectors, the world's first* projector under 1kg.
Good Design Award (Japan) awarded to V-807.
Jun. Introduced "Piano" Home Projector, the world's smallest & lightest* home projector delivering high quality images. PLUS PLAY THEATER SHOWROOM opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
May. P&C Division separated from PLUS Corp. and established an independent company, PLUS Vision Corp.
Feb. PLUS Industrial Corp. established SHANTOU PLUS INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD., a joint venture with a local distributor in Shantou, Guangdong, China.
Jan. Launched Interactive Whiteboard "PoinTech".
Started "Projector Safety Warranty" service in Japan.
2000 Dec. PLUS Corporation of America acquired sales department and the brand name of Lightware, Inc. (USA).
Jul. Launched U3-1080 and U3-880 Digital Projectors, winning Good Design Award (Japan) in October. iF Design Award (Germany) awarded to U3-1080 following January.
1999 Jul. Unveiled U2-1080 and U2-870 Digital Projectors, winning Good Design Award (Japan) in October.
1998 Oct. Introduced UP-1100 Digital Projector.
Mar. "Meeting Scene business" Division renamed as "P&C (Presentation & Communication) business" Division.
Feb. Introduced compact, lightweight, high- brightness UP-800 Digital Projector.
1997 Jun. Unveiled a compact, lightweight, high-brightness projector using DLPTM technology (developed by Texas Instruments) at INFOCOMM International '97 (USA).
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